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Cube Race Floor
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Cube Race Floor

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  • EZ-Head for Presta and Schrader valves
  • ergonomic Natural Fit handle
  • stable base and barrel made from steel
  • top-mounted 2" industrial pressure gauge
  • air release valve
  • extra-long flex hose
  • 160 psi max.
  • weight: 1550 g

Every second counts in a race. There's no time in the service zone to measure the air pressure twice or to swap around the pump head. Fortunately our team has the RACE FLOOR floor pump. With its EZ-Head, it fits on Presta and Schrader valves, is particularly ergonomic when pumping due to the angled grips and is also super precise thanks to its easy-to-read pressure scale.

"The large Race Floor pump does come with top-quality components: A fantastic pump head, an air release valve, a super-long hose and a small, top-mounted, easy-to-read pressure gauge. The plunger slides smoothly inside the long barrel and the rubberised handle fits perfectly in the hand. The handle itself is angled forward as part of the pump's ergonomic design. For an extra 20 euros, the Race Floor comes equipped with a digital pressure gauge." (BIKE 03/2019)



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