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Sram Red eTap AXS 2x12 Rim con quarn. Quarq
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Sram Red eTap AXS 2x12 Rim con quarn. Quarq

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The SRAM RED eTap AXS™ is much more than an evolution. It is a 12-speed revolution. The developers of SRAM created a groupset that is as capable as today's riders and the bikes that they choose. It offers more range, a smoother gear progression, as well as smarter shift settings —enabled by AXS™ and the simplicity of eTap® shift logic—so that you are always in the right gear. 
AXS™ (Access) allows you to easily personalize the groupset right from your phone and enable your choices while riding. The SRAM AXS™ app (for Google Android and Apple iOS platform available) allows riders to see battery status, change component behavior, personalize controls, get maintenance reminders, and update firmware. 

Featuring SRAM's advanced shift logic (right lever makes it harder, left lever makes it easier, both levers to change the front ring for 2-speed setups) with SRAM RED eTap you will shift more, with less effort and spend less time doing it. Shifting has never been more intuitive or as easy as this. 
And SRAM RED eTap is engineered to go the distance. It has been rigorously and successfully tested for years on the professional and WorldTour level. And now, it is ready for the rest of the world. Are you ready to shift forward? 

SRAM RED eTap AXS Shift-Brake-Control left/right
Award-winning eTap® shift logic, now with the connectivity of AXS™. The SRAM RED eTap® shift-brake levers build on this foundation while integrating the newest technologies. And it is easily personalized, from shifting sequences to reach. SRAM RED eTap shift-brake-controls feature race-car-inspired paddle shift logic that virtually eliminates mistaking upshifts for downshifts, while keeping shifting precise, fast, and easy. These ErgoFit™ controls seamlessly connect rider and machine with Reach Adjust™ to fit any hand. You will shift more, with less effort and spend less time doing it. Carbon ErgoBlade levers and large SRAM eTap paddles provide positive controls for rider input. 
These levers are suitable for meachanical rim and road disc brakes. Each lever features two ports for Blips™ shifters (not included). 

SRAM RED eTap AXS Front Derailleur 2-speed - leverages the advancements with X-Range™ gearing
The elegant and streamlined derailleur design carves out space for wide rear-tire clearance, making it a perfect fit for modern riding. And the shifting is responsive, quick and precise thanks to Yaw™ trimless cage technology with an optimized cage profile for the latest SRAM RED® front chainring combinations. 

SRAM RED eTap AXS Rear Derailleur 12-speed - The heart of the connected cadre
The SRAM RED eTap rear derailleur is AXS™ enabled for easy personalization and designed for both 1x- and 2x12-speed systems. The advanced Orbit chain management keeps it silent and secure no matter the terrain. The derailleur also comes with faster -because they are larger X-Sync pulleys, ceramic bearings, improved motors and signals, improving speed in every way. 
Wireless connection via AIREA network for fast and clean installation. 

SRAM RED eTap AXS Battery Charger
eTap batteries are literally a snap to remove and charge. 
Just flip the tool-free battery latch up and slide the battery up and out of the derailleur. Then snap the battery into the USB powered charger and connect the charger to any USB power source or A/C USB adaptor. 
All SRAM eTap AXS components are compatible with existing eTap® batteries! 

The workhorse of X-Range™ gearing
The SRAM RED® XG-1290 - 12 speed cassette progresses fluidly and quickly through a wider range of gears. It is specifically designed for SRAM eTap AXS wireless electronic shifting and the one-piece design offers you the best in weight savings. 

SRAM RED Flattop Chain 12-speed
The SRAM RED® 12-speed chain was developed from the ground up. The unique link shape allows the chain to be narrower and lighter while increasing strength and providing more space between the outer plates of the chain and the cogs on either side. Result: a quieter chain with faster, more precise shifts. 

RED Rim Brakes - A classic made modern
The SRAM RED® rim brakeset improves on all fronts: it is lighter, more aerodynamic and leverages more braking power. What is more, it features tire clearance up to 28mm and the finish has been updated to match SRAM RED eTap AXS™. 

RED AXS Powermeter carbon crank with DUB spindle and X-Range double chainring setup
The SRAM RED AXS™ powermeter breaks with tradition —and breaks through to new levels of performance.
The product developers of SRAM have reengineered road gearing: reducing front chainring size and adding more range to the rear cassette. This innovative design is called X-Range™ gearing technology. They also maintained a 13-tooth delta on all chainring pairs, ensuring precise shifting for any setup. This results in more useful gearing and better shifting across all configurations. The SRAM RED AXS powermeter carbon cranks are also designed with integrated Quarq DZero™ power measurement. Thanks to a professional performance-controlled training, you are ready to climb the cycling monuments. 

Volume di consegna:

  • SRAM RED eTap AXS 2x12 groupset with powermeter crank consisting of:
  • SRAM RED eTap AXS Shift-Brake-Control left/right
  • SRAM RED eTap AXS front derailleur 2-speed
  • SRAM RED eTap AXS rear derailleur 12-speed
  • SRAM charger
  • SRAM RED XG-1290 cassette 12-speed
  • SRAM RED chain 12-speed
  • SRAM RED AXS powermeter carbon crank - DUB - 46/33T
  • SRAM RED Rim Brakes - Set - front + rear




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