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Garmin Foot Pod
  • Garmin - Zubehör - Computer / Pulsmessgeräte - Zubehör

Garmin Foot Pod


119,00 €

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LAUFSENSOR Garmin Foot Pod

Mit diesem Zubehör werden Laufgeschwindigkeit und -distanz berechnet und Daten kabellos an den Forerunner gesendet.

Monitor your distance and cadence when indoors, such as on a treadmill or a track at the gym, or when out of GPS range with your wrist-worn device and this foot pod. Also provides distance and cadence data when used with the FR70 series. 

Small enough to attach to your shoelaces or fit in the mid-sole pocket of compatible shoes, the foot pod is always ready to use. A small, replaceable watch battery powers the foot pod for a year of training.

Unlike simple pedometers, this foot pod uses advanced MEMS inertial-sensor technology to analyze your movements and is responsive to stride-length changes to achieve 98 percent accuracy for speed and distance.



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