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Sram Red22 eTap Disc
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Sram Red22 eTap Disc



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It’s Time To Shift Forward
At SRAM, we know that if a technological advancement clutters the experience, it shouldn’t be called an advancement.
Because it’s a bicycle. It’s supposed to be simple. To make something elegant to the point where it removes what’s in the way... that’s advancement. That is the standard we held ourselves to while developing our first electronic shifting system; SRAM RED® eTap.

Groupset includes the Following Parts:   

  • Red eTap HRD Shifters 11s rear / 2s front
  • Red eTap Rear Derailleur 11s   
  • Red eTap Front Derailleur 2s braze-on
  • eTap Battery
  • eTap Battery Charger
  • eTap Firmware Update Dongle
  • Red eTap Carbon Crankset 11s Standard 130 BCD or Compact 110 BCD
  • Red BB
  • Red eTap HRD Brake Set 
  • Red eTap Cassette XG-1190 11s
  • Red 22 Chain 11s



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