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Syncros Capital SL AERO 60mm

4.398,00 €

Dieses Produkt erscheint am 18. Juni 2024

Produktnummer: 7323



The fastest wheel on the market
Aero optimized one piece carbon construction
High end very responsive wheel designed to deliver the ultimate performance possible for any road condition
Power transmission to the maximum
25mm inner width featuring hookless bead for better performance and tire fit
DT 240 internals
tubeless ever ready/no need of rim tape

  • Range of use : Road & Gravel
  • Material :  Carbon
  • Rim / Nipples / Spokes : Carbon
  • 25mm internal width
  • Peso: 1.290 gr.

Every part of the Capital SL Aero wheels has been designed to function as a system. A one-piece carbon system that is lighter, stronger, more responsive will make you faster on road or gravel. Thanks to a unique and modern carbon construction, the Capital SL Aero wheels deliver real-world benefits – Faster acceleration, Faster cornering, Better handling and Aero performance, at just 1290g for the wheelset.